Quick results achieved with the Adtec SteriPlas

How often do LVAD patients with infection need treatment with the Adtec SteriPlas?


We recommend a minimum treatment of twice per week. This applies to both outpatients in day clinics and inpatients who have been admitted into the wards.


The treatment time itself is as quick as 3 minutes. During these short minutes, the components of cold plasma quickly bombard the cellular structure of bacteria to create micropores which allows access to the microbial DNA for total destruction. This applies to all forms of bacteria regardless of their resistance profile or if they are protected within biofilm.


How quick have patients with LVAD infections healed?


Our clinical evidence has shown patients have healed in as quick of two weeks of treatment. These are patients who have failed previous therapeutic attempts with conventional treatment methods.

Promising, consistent and reliable results achieved with the Adtec SteriPlas


Whilst Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) have become essential mechanical pumps for patients who have had end stage heart failures, they are also prone to infections especially with the presence of biofilm that complicates treatment options. Cardiologists often rely on conventional antibiotic therapy but with rising antimicrobial resistance rates, they sometimes offer little to no help in achieving stabilisation.

The strong properties of the Adtec SteriPlas cold plasma has been proven to offer complete stabilisation of the LVAD system by destroying all forms of multi-resistant bacteria present, even if they are protected within biofilm. This is due to the unique cold plasma properties that can travel through the gaps around and down the driveline to reach the site of biofilm. This area would normally have been difficult to treat with conventional therapies such as antimicrobial dressings as they are hard to reach, but the Adtec SteriPlas has shown to travel to these sites with ease due to its remarkable antibacterial gaseous properties.


To learn more about our strong collection of clinical evidence, please contact us at info@adtecplasma.com to learn more

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Accounts review for 2020

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