It has been carefully designed to deliver pain-free treatment including a tolerable temperature of 35°C and contact-free so there is no discomfort touching of the wound like other devices. Due to its gentle treatment most patients favour the therapy.

The plasma generated by the Adtec SteriPlas was also tested for biological safety by research scientists and the results are published. The findings clearly demonstrate for the first time that Argon-Plasma is a safe methodology without inducing mutagenicity in vitro with a treatment time of 5 min and under. 

Investigation of toxicity and mutagenicity of cold atmospheric argon plasma Maisch, T. et al
Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, Volume 58, Number 3, 1 April 2017, pp. 172-


Our patented cold plasma technology has been in use since early 2005 to treat patients from the first Phase I clinical trials to present day. One of our strongest qualities is that there have been no reported side effects or adverse events of our medical device.

The Adtec SteriPlas has been featured in a wide collection of clinical trials and publications. It was the first medical device in history to treat wounds in clinical trials which paved way for further studies from other research enthusiasts. It was also the first medical device in history to test on actinic keratoses lesions in a randomized controlled trial. Our clinical bibliography includes testing and proving the efficacy of the Adtec SteriPlas for the treatment of:

  • Arterial ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Chronic burns
  • Surgical site infections
  • Deep sternal infections
  • Infected drivelines
  • Implantable Electronic Device Infections
  • Pump pocket infections
  • Actinic Keratoses
  • Skin graft donor sites

As the treatment delivered is very gentle, it does not cause any further pain or discomfort that is already experienced prior to the start of treatment. Overtime, the Adtec SteriPlas has shown to increase patient Quality of Life, reduce pain threshold and significantly decrease slough and exudate build up in addition to its main purpose of faster delivering healing rates.

The Adtec SteriPlas is designed as a supplement therapy to standard treatment. Treatments can be conducted in as quick as 2 minutes. This short time is enough to kill the bacteria on the surface of the wound or skin lesion to promote healing.

For deeper infections such as infected drivelines or pump pocket infections, we recommended extending the treatment time up to 5 minutes. This allows the cold plasma to penetrate down the gaps and crevices towards the site of infection.

Debridement is very important for the removal of necrotic tissue and biofilm. It is essential to continue debridement, where necessary, during patient appointments. No supplement therapies (including the Adtec SteriPlas) should replace debridement.

Biofilms can reform rapidly, repeated debridement alone is unlikely to prevent biofilm regrowth; however, effective topical antiseptic application within this time dependent window can suppress biofilm reformation. 1

The Adtec SteriPlas is used in various hospitals across the United Kingdom, European Union, and Middle Eastern countries. Contact us at to see if it is being used in your local hospital. Alternatively, you can contact us HERE.

We have expressed that accelerated healing in stalled and problematic wounds/skin conditions can be achieved using the Adtec SteriPlas with no reported side effects. Sometimes, we need to demonstrate a proof of concept. If you are interested in testing the Adtec SteriPlas in your hospital clinic, then please contact us at Alternatively, you can contact us HERE.

We have conducted a magnitude of tests and studies sprouting from our initial collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. From these tests, we have confirmed the safety of using argon gas as the resulting cold plasma generated is reliable and predictable. To achieve a consistent and predictable cold plasma it is ideal to use noble, inert and non-reactive gases such as argon. However, air generated cold plasmas have been shown to be unpredictable and alternate from the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity etc). In return, air generated cold plasmas may create a higher concentration of ozone and reactive species.

Microwave, at 2.45GHz, is considered to be a high enough frequency to stop the ions and electric fields from escaping the plasma chamber. Therefore, microwave generated argon gas plasma will not generate an electrical shock or cause any damage to the target treatment area including the human body.

The Adtec SteriPlas remains having a perfect blend of being safe, reliable, and predictable.