Does more power lead to enhanced wound care treatment?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. To look more in depth at the question we need to understand how the Cold Plasma is generated and the mechanics behind it. The SteriPlas boasts a large 12cm2 treatment area which fully covers typical chronic wounds expected in wound clinics. There are of course much larger wounds than 12cm2 but thanks to the mechanics behind the SteriPlas it only requires a 2 minute treatment time for each 12cm2 area it covers.

There are some Cold Plasma devices that claim a 100cm2 treatment area but how does the power behind it compare to the SteriPlas? It is without question, the SteriPlas is one of the largest Cold Plasma medical devices on the medical market and it is strategically large for a reason. It is the only Cold Plasma medical device able to produce a deep, dense, and rich Cold Plasma. To produce repeatable and consistent results with antibiofilm properties, there are a series of crucial internal components in the SteriPlas that collectively work to perform this including the 200W 2.45GHz microwave generator, plasma ignition control, mass flow controller, arm to hold plasma treatment head in place during use, control system linked to interlock and alarms, cooling system and safety circuits.

Smaller Cold Plasma devices with larger treatment areas generate different plasmas. Whilst some reduction of bacterial load may be observed with their use, it is strictly limited to superficial and small wounds certainly with no biofilm presence. To combat biofilm within wounds, the Cold Plasma does need to be deeply penetrating and to do this more power and plasma density is certainly required.

The SteriPlas, by default, is designed to target deep, chronic and severe infections with biofilm complications within the wound. Peer reviewed clinical evidence for smaller devices with larger treatment areas are still limited.

The SteriPlas boasts a wide clinical bibliography of 80+ peer reviewed clinical trials and studies. It is the leader in the Cold Plasma medical market for a reason.

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Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings!
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Is all Cold Plasma created equal?

There is no doubt a wide variety of Cold Plasma medical devices currently on the market and new Cold Plasma designs often being released by startup companies. But how do these devices compare in efficacy, strength, reliability, and performance?

To say all Cold Plasmas are the same, which some companies (shockingly) do, would be farfetched and misleading. This is like comparing a race between a sports car and a bicycle or saying all liquids or gases are the same – the product and plasma components are technically very different.

When Adtec first developed Cold Plasma and carried out the first ever clinical trials on wounds many years ago, our data showed the remarkably strong and reputable results that we still deliver today. This is exclusively for our range of Adtec Cold Plasma medical devices. Our data is often cited by other Cold Plasma companies as their own medical devices lack strength in efficacy and performance in clinical data.

The important questions to raise are:
- What is the frequency of Cold Plasma applications per week to achieve full healing?
- How deep can the Cold Plasma penetrate?
- How quick can the Cold Plasma be applied?
- What is the delivery method of Cold Plasma?
- Is Cold Plasma limited to acute and superficial wounds or can it treat deep, chronic wounds with biofilm?
- What is the clinical evidence for the product itself and not cold plasma in general?

Whilst there are some Cold Plasma medical devices that do not satisfy the requirements met by a wound clinician, the SteriPlas does remain the leader and favorable choice in the Cold Plasma medical market. A once per week treatment time of 2 minutes per 12cm2 has been shown to accelerate healing in chronic, problematic, and non-healing wounds with biofilm presence. This cannot be said for all other Cold Plasma devices which recommend treatment once per day and are only indicated for acute, small, and superficial wounds certainly with no biofilm presence.

Due to its overall larger size which houses crucial components ensuring a consistent, reliable and therapeutic Cold Plasma, the SteriPlas is the only microwave-energy, Cold Argon Plasma medical device which delivers deep, dense and rich Cold Plasma able to kill all bacterial species embedded within biofilm. We can boast that no side effects have been reported with our Cold Plasma medical device since the history of its making.

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Why Bigger is Better?

The SteriPlas has been widely documented in clinical trials and publications for its strong antibacterial efficacy and accelerated healing properties. Being the first medical device worldwide to show just how effective Cold Plasma can be from clinical trials on wounds, it is still the only medical device covering a larger 12cm2 treatment area using microwave-energy, safe, reputable, and consistent Cold Plasma. It is also the only medical device that can treat wounds within this size for only 2 minutes to achieve antibiofilm efficacy with no reported side effects.

So how does it compare to a Cold Plasma Pen?

As useful as Plasma pens can be for very small and superficial wounds without biofilm, 2 minutes is required for the treatment area equivalent to a few mms.
This means to treat a large and deep wound that the SteriPlas can do in 2 minutes (hands-free), then Plasma Pens would require in excess of 30 minutes with handheld use to reduce the bacterial load present in the same wound area . The SteriPlas is the only medical device with antibiofilm efficacy due to its dense and deep penetration capabilities making it the leader in Cold Plasma medicine.