Our story begins at the birthplace of Adtec: Adtec Plasma Technology Japan (a public company listed under the Tokyo Stock Exchange) with over 30 years’ experience of developing plasma products. From our successes in the semiconductor market for radiofrequency plasma generators and matching units and for also having built a renowned presence as being one of the leaders in this market, we utilized our skills in plasma technology for use in the medical field.

In 2005, Adtec was the first company worldwide to introduce the treatment of cold plasma on chronic wounds for medical use in clinical trials, much of which is still widely discussed today for having paved way for other plasma enthusiasts to broaden their cold plasma studies. Much of what you see today begun from the start  of our first clinical trials over a decade ago using our first medical device, the Adtec MicroPlaSter. The results have proved the antibacterial efficacy and accelerated wound healing advantage that our patented plasma technology has over treating patients alone with standard antimicrobial therapies.

The company Adtec Healthcare was later developed and based in London. We are the European subsidiary of Adtec Plasma Technology Japan and we are one of three companies of Adtec’s global presence.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, our medical devices and plasma products have design and performance improvements that allow safe use in a wider range of clinical applications.

Adtec is committed to providing the highest quality of product and service. From its European Headquarters, Adtec Healthcare’s dedicated sales and technical support staff are available to discuss your next Plasma project, and to help with training, installation or support for Adtec products.

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Adtec Europe Ltd is a UK company dedicated to the design, application development and manufacture of atmospheric pressure gas plasma products. With plasma expertise and engineering know-how developed in collaboration with our parent company in Japan, we offer customized solutions to our customers. We also provide business development and technical support in Europe for the RF plasma products designed and manufactured by Adtec Plasma Technology Japan.

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