What makes our SteriPlas safe and effective?

What makes our SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma safe and effective?


Adtec has been the global leader of Cold Plasma medicine, having developed Cold Plasma products for over 20 years and being the first company worldwide to conduct clinical trials on wounds. In total, Adtec boasts over 80+ clinical trials and studies with no side effects reported.


Whilst there are many forms of Cold Plasmas on the market, our SteriPlas Cold Plasma is dense and slowly propelled towards the treatment site enabling bacterial destruction in deep and hard to reach infection areas. The argon Cold Plasma is microwave, 2.45GHz generated using crucial components within the body of the medical device. This is why it is larger in size but at the advantage of delivering reliable and consistent results and easily tackles complicated biofilm issues within chronic infections unlike the other variations of Cold Plasma on the market. This is also why our clinical evidence is often cited by other Cold Plasma manufacturers as our promising results far outweigh the results achieved by Cold Plasma devices with different plasma designs.


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Leading the way in Cold Plasma Medicine

The antibiofilm properties of the SteriPlas has been widely documented across our 80+ clinical trials and studies. It is being widely used to treat a multitude of infection conditions such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Sternal Wounds and LVAD infections in the UK, EU and SE Asia. Helping to significantly reduce morbidity, mortality, amputation and bed occupancy rates, the SteriPlas has been transforming modern medicine by simplifying and accelerating the way these chronic and non-healing wounds are treated. We have also documented the significant cost saving benefits of using the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma all with the added benefit of no side effects due to its safe, microwave 2.45GHz argon plasma generation.


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Upcoming Exhibitions for 2024


Adtec looks forward to exhibiting at the Diabetic Foot Study Group (DFSG) conference between 6-8 September and the European Mechanical Support Summit (EUMS) conference between 11-14 September. At both conferences, we will have our SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma medical device on our booth for a live demonstration. The SteriPlas boasts a strong clinical evidence collection of 80+ clinical trials and studies across a multitude of infection conditions.

To better understand our medical device and the positive imprint we have made on the severe infection conditions, please visit our booth during the two shows to see the SteriPlas in person.