Adtec’s World Map

Launching an innovative and unknown technology on the medical market has only been successful due to the many years of clinical evidence and trust that we have accrued. From being the first company worldwide to introduce Cold Plasma on wounds in clinical trials to now being the leading manufacturer behind the most effective Cold Plasma medical device, Adtec Healthcare Limited has the strongest experience on how to successfully combat infections stalled by biofilm.


Our global presence of the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma is increasing with multiple clinics and distributors endorsing our medical device for chronic infection management of wounds, surgical site infections and medical dermatology.


There are multiple clinics in each country that help to spread the word of the benefit that our medical device brings to non-healing infections. Unfortunately, there is not enough space on this small map to reflect this!


We have also significantly increased our Distributor portfolio into new countries who are rapidly bringing the SteriPlas to their clinics and customers, with plans to expand even further into new territories which we are currently working on.

To learn more about the successes of our dense and rich Cold Plasma, send us a message at We are also keen to reach out to new distributors who also wish to bring our Cold Plasma to their territories.