Adtec joins the Innovation Platform at LSI 2024

We look forward to participating at the Innovation Platform at the @LSI USA 2024. Our CEO, Mary McGovern, will be in the Private Partnering Area between 18-22 March 2024 meeting with exclusive Medtech and Healthtech leaders to bring the rich content of the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma to them.


The SteriPlas is renowned for its proven clinical efficacy destroying chronic and complicated biofilm within infected wounds and surgical site infections. Our wide clinical bibliography of 80+ clinical trials and studies ranges from diabetic foot ulcers, LVAD infections, Sternal wound infections and so on.

Delivering a unique physical mode of action during treatment, the SteriPlas dense Cold Plasma ensures the total destruction of all bacterial species protected within biofilm which would otherwise have been resistant to antibiotics. Essentially, we are saving limbs !

We have documented the cost savings benefit due to be published this year across two separate papers focused on diabetic foot ulcers and sternal wound infections.


Our purpose of the LSI Innovation Platform attendance is to seek the potential of investment to help bring our medical device to new territories that have yet to benefit from what we can offer.
Cold Plasma is changing the norm of modern medicine.