Clinically proven

  • 70+ peer reviewed publications featuring the SteriPlas.
  • SteriPlas is the only cold plasma medical device with the most clinical trials and strongest efficacy.

Faster Healing Time

  • Significantly faster healing rates than conventional therapies such as antibiotics.
  • The SteriPlas has shown to heal a chronic wound in as fast as 1 week.
  • The only microwave powered, argon cold plasma medical device with the largest 12cm2 treatment area covering a larger wound size than smaller devices.
  • Only 2 minutes of the SteriPlas treatment to achieve antibacterial effectiveness.

Combats Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

  • Antibiotics deliver a chemical mode of action where bacteria may develop a resistance towards, e.g. MRSA. Once bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, treatment options then become very complicated.
  • The SteriPlas cold plasma delivers a unique physical mode of action that very quickly destroys bacteria regardless of their resistance profile or if they are protected within biofilm.
  • Even in deep and complicated wound infections, the SteriPlas can successfully destroy the bacteria.

No Side Effects

  • The SteriPlas is the leading cold plasma medical device with having no side effects reported, with an estimated of 10,000 patients so far treated.
  • The SteriPlas comes from a family of Adtec medical devices which was the first ever worldwide to document cold plasma treatment in wounds in clinical trials.
  • Since the early 2004, no side effects have been reported as our patented technology remains safe, reliable and consistent as well as being the most effective.

Better Long-term Value

  • The only cold plasma medical device with the longest life cycle history.
  • Our Health Economics publications have shown significant cost savings can be achieved with the SteriPlas for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, sternal wound infections and LVAD infections in comparison to conventional treatments including antibiotics.
  • The cost savings achieved can release the cost burden inherited by hospitals and release clinic capacity in overbooked clinics.

Better Patient Experience

  • The SteriPlas is safe for the user and patients.
  • Treatment is totally contact-free meaning no pressure or pain is experienced as the wound is not touched unlike other devices that require direct application to the site of infection which causes pain and discomfort.

Simple to Use

  • A simple plug-and-go approach is all that is required to generate cold plasma with the SteriPlas.
  • The cold plasma can be produced within 20 seconds of starting up the SteriPlas.
  • The SteriPlas is the only microwave-powered, argon cold plasma medical device that can hover over the wound throughout the duration of the treatment session. Neither the user or patient needs to hold the SteriPlas in position at any point during treatment.