Arab Health Exhibition 2024

We’re excited to be attending the Arab Health Exhibition next week to meet with our new partners across the Middle East. This year Adtec Healthcare Limited welcomes the expansion of our Cold Plasma to the MENA region, facilitated by our Distributors in their leading fields of wound care and surgical site infections.

If you would like to secure your meeting with us during the Arab Health show, please send us an email at

The Power of Going Large

The SteriPlas boasts a wide clinical bibliography of clinical trials and publications, documenting the strong clinical efficacy coupled with no side effects reported. This benefits to patients suffering from non-healing wounds infected with biofilm whereby quick 2 minute treatment sessions are able to destroy all bacteria present and heal patients in as quick as 1 week.

To make such a statement as the above requires strong, reputable, and quality-driven results which we are thankful to have. But to collect these results and optimise the technical build of the SteriPlas has taken many years. From our first ever clinical trial on wounds approximately two decades ago to today, the SteriPlas has had its fair share of changes.

Whilst there have been multiple beneficial changes, the overall size of the SteriPlas has remained the same for a crucial reason. The Steriplas is the size it is to produce the optimum plasma for clinical efficacy using microwave argon plasma. Whilst Cold Plasma can still be generated with various technologies, it cannot be done in the same dense and rich manner delivering antibiofilm results. Crucial components to ensure the consistency and reliability may be lost. Most cold plasmas will have antibacterial efficacy against planktonic strains in in-vitro non-competing environments, but chronic wounds are a complex topography of biofilm, exudate, slough, living and necrotic tissue.

Adtec Plasma Technology has developed many Cold Plasma devices since its existence from small pens, portable shoulder strap machines to large medical devices. Our legacy device, the SteriPlas, remains the clinical leader in Cold Plasma medicine for wounds, surgical site infections and medical dermatology conditions.