Adtec to present at the Advanced Wound Care Summit EU

We’ve been invited to speak at the Advanced Wound Care Summit EU conference in London this week. Our Senior Business Development Manager, Jeiram, will be part of the Executive Speakers Line Up at the opening session “Panel Prioritising Clinical Data & Health Economic Evidence” at 8.55am on Tuesday 28th November.
Adtec Healthcare strives for strong and reputable clinical evidence. Over the years of our existence, we have collected a total of 80+ peer reviewed clinical studies on the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma which has resulted in quality Health Economics data for our medical device.

We understand the absolute importance of Health Economics data to back the claims of medical devices. With our clinical evidence, we can present the promising results of the SteriPlas for significantly accelerating wounds stalled with biofilm and reducing bed occupancy, antibiotics usage and the financial burden posed on hospitals.

Day 4 of Medica

Day 4 of the MEDICA Trade Fair.

As the show comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone who has visited our booth. An enormous presence of Medical Distributors who have come to our booth specifically to partner with us knowing our Premium Cold Plasma technology has the leading efficacy has been very much welcomed.

You can still reach us at or visit our website:

Safe travels for everyone going home!

80 Peer-reviewed Clinical Studies

Can the SteriPlas:

Kill all forms of bacteria? YES ✔

Kill bacteria protected within biofilm? YES ✔

Operate safely with no side effects? YES ✔

Treat infected wounds in as quick as 2 minutes? YES ✔

Ready to learn more? Visit our website:

Our 80 peer-reviewed clinical trials and publications illustrate why our SteriPlas remains the leader for Cold Plasma with anti-biofilm efficacy

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Day 3 of Medica

Day 3 of the MEDICA Trade Fair. We're on booth J60.3, Hall 16 ready to welcome you to our booth and show exactly how Premium Cold Plasma is revolutionising the way patients with chronic wounds are being fully healed even if they have heavy biofilm presence.

Sitting at the forefront of the Cold Plasma market

There's a reason why we're the leaders of Cold Plasma.

Adtec Healthcare Ltd has been at the forefront of Cold Plasma by having the most experience on the market. We have invested years of gathering strong clinical evidence all the way from being the first company worldwide to introduce Cold Plasma on wounds in clinical trials many years ago to having our medical device widely adopted in hospitals across the UK and Europe.

The SteriPlas is the only Cold Plasma medical device with anti-biofilm efficacy by having dense, rich, microwave-driven Cold Plasma. No side effects have been reported with the use of our medical device.

To learn about the #mythbusting on Cold Plasma visit our webpage:

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Day 2 of Medica

Our presentation today was met with much success.

The SteriPlas has proven antibacterial efficacy for the treatment of chronic wounds, surgical site infections and medical dermatology. If you would like to learn more, please visit our booth J60 in Hall 16 during the MEDICA-TradeFair.

Day 1 of Medica

Day 1 of the MEDICA Trade Fair was a success. Interacting with many distributors and clinicians with positive interest in our promising Premium Cold Plasma. We encourage you to visit our booth again today to see why the SteriPlas is revolutionising the global wound care market.

Don't forget to attend our presentation today from 11:55 - 12:15 at the ABHI stand. We will be presenting the strong clinical evidence of the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma used for wounds, Surgical Site Infections and medical dermatology in the UK Theatre in Hall 16, J48.

Adtec Healthcare to present at the Medica 2023 Trade Fair

Don't forget to attend our presentation during the MEDICA Trade Fair on Tuesday 16th November from 11:55 - 12:15. We will be presenting the strong clinical evidence of the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma used for chronic wounds, surgical site infections and medical dermatology in the UK Theatre in Hall 16, J48.

Visit us at booth J60.3, Medica 2023

Next week we’ll be exhibiting at the Medica Trade Fair 2023 exhibition with the ABHI and UK Healthcare Pavilion. You can find us at booth J60.3 in Hall 16. Be sure to stop by to see our SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma medical device live in action and ready to demonstrate its strong clinical efficacy for wounds, surgical site infections and medical dermatology conditions.

Adtec Healthcare is also eager to meet with new medical distributors to continue to expand the reach of our Cold Plasma globally. If you are a distributor and willing to learn about the strong cost saving benefits and accelerated healing of chronic wounds with biofilm please be sure to pay us a visit.

Medica Trade Fair 2023

We are delighted to be joining The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) and UK Healthcare Pavilion at the Medica Trade Fair next week, showcasing the strengths of UK HealthTech alongside 40 of the UK’s leading industry players. Come visit us at booth J60.3, Hall 16 and discover the best of the UK.