What makes our SteriPlas safe and effective?

What makes our SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma safe and effective?


Adtec has been the global leader of Cold Plasma medicine, having developed Cold Plasma products for over 20 years and being the first company worldwide to conduct clinical trials on wounds. In total, Adtec boasts over 80+ clinical trials and studies with no side effects reported.


Whilst there are many forms of Cold Plasmas on the market, our SteriPlas Cold Plasma is dense and slowly propelled towards the treatment site enabling bacterial destruction in deep and hard to reach infection areas. The argon Cold Plasma is microwave, 2.45GHz generated using crucial components within the body of the medical device. This is why it is larger in size but at the advantage of delivering reliable and consistent results and easily tackles complicated biofilm issues within chronic infections unlike the other variations of Cold Plasma on the market. This is also why our clinical evidence is often cited by other Cold Plasma manufacturers as our promising results far outweigh the results achieved by Cold Plasma devices with different plasma designs.


To learn more about our strengths and benefits, contact us at info@adtecplasma.com

Leading the way in Cold Plasma Medicine

The antibiofilm properties of the SteriPlas has been widely documented across our 80+ clinical trials and studies. It is being widely used to treat a multitude of infection conditions such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Sternal Wounds and LVAD infections in the UK, EU and SE Asia. Helping to significantly reduce morbidity, mortality, amputation and bed occupancy rates, the SteriPlas has been transforming modern medicine by simplifying and accelerating the way these chronic and non-healing wounds are treated. We have also documented the significant cost saving benefits of using the SteriPlas Premium Cold Plasma all with the added benefit of no side effects due to its safe, microwave 2.45GHz argon plasma generation.


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Sitting at the forefront of the Cold Plasma market

There's a reason why we're the leaders of Cold Plasma.

Adtec Healthcare Ltd has been at the forefront of Cold Plasma by having the most experience on the market. We have invested years of gathering strong clinical evidence all the way from being the first company worldwide to introduce Cold Plasma on wounds in clinical trials many years ago to having our medical device widely adopted in hospitals across the UK and Europe.

The SteriPlas is the only Cold Plasma medical device with anti-biofilm efficacy by having dense, rich, microwave-driven Cold Plasma. No side effects have been reported with the use of our medical device.

To learn about the #mythbusting on Cold Plasma visit our webpage: https://adtechealthcare.com/cold-plasma-wound-treatment/

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Advanced Wound Care Summit 2023

We hope you got to see our presentation at the Advanced Wound Care Summit yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed explaining the strong benefits of our SteriPlas Cold Plasma for biofilm destruction. If you would like to learn more about our medical device and clinical evidence, send us an email info@adtecplasma.com

Adtec Healthcare Ltd to showcase at the LSX Conference in London

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the global wound care market! Adtec Healthcare is participating in the LSX Conference in London.


Our managing director, Mary McGovern shall present our cold plasma technology at the MedTech Showcase on Thursday 4th May at 11:30 am.


We have developed SteriPlas, a medical device for the treatment of chronic wounds. The most effective cold plasma technology for wound care treatment, proven by clinical studies.  The device uses proven antibacterial cold atmospheric argon plasma to treat chronic wounds, dermatology, and post-operative wound infections.  Enables faster healing, reduces hospital stays, eliminates biofilms and the use of antibiotics. CE Marked and available for sale in UK and EU. Efficacy proven in 70+ peer-reviewed clinical studies.  Early adoption by leading wound care specialists. Strong IP portfolio, comprising of granted and recently submitted patents covering various aspects of their device.


We are currently speaking to investors to accelerate sales in Europe and for the launch in the US. At LSX, we are meeting investors and partners interested in medical devices and wound care.

Please contact us at info@adtecplasma.com to arrange a meeting.



SteriPlas heals wounds quickly

Did you catch the leading Serbian media newspaper, Večernje Novosti, last week? Our SteriPlas was featured in the article, “Cold plasma heals wounds quickly” composed by Dr Zorić.

Dr Zoric has been using our cold plasma medical device to treat hard-to-heal and stalled wounds infected with biofilm. These problematic wounds have responded very well with our SteriPlas treatment and patients have been healed that were otherwise stalled by conventional therapies.


If you are within Serbia and interested to learn more about our medical device, contact our medical distributor Borf Health Care on info@borf.biz for more information.


Successful meetings held at the Taiwan Society for Plastic Surgery

We are happy to report an eventful exhibition over the weekend at the Taiwan Society for Plastic Surgery led by our distributor in Taiwan. This is the first time the Adtec SteriPlas has set foot in Taiwan so naturally there was a lot of interest in our medical device. We look forward supporting our distributor for the exciting year ahead.

For more information about our medical device, contact us at info@adtecplasma.com

Safe UV and Reactive Species levels only with the Adtec SteriPlas

As a leading medical device company, the crucial balance of safety and clinical efficacy are a top priority. We are always conducting tests to demonstrate the approved safety and reliability of the Adtec SteriPlas but to also learn new ways to improve the use of cold plasma in medicine.


Our clinical studies already validate the safety of the Adtec SteriPlas, including its low-level UV and reactive species produced from the cold plasma. These two components are imperative for the physical destruction of bacteria, however, too much of a good thing can also be relatively damaging like that observed with cold plasma jet/pens and battery powered cold plasma devices.


Measured across multiple distances, the UV light produced is well below the ICNIRP limit of 30 J/m2 and the reactive species produced are well below the occupational limits set by NIOSH and UK HSE. The Adtec SteriPlas continues to be one of the only cold plasma medical devices that puts patient and user safety first with no reported side effects and promising clinical efficacy from every treatment conducted.

For more information about the Adtec SteriPlas, send us an email at info@adtecplasma.com

Adtec Healthcare prepares for exhibition in July

We are very excited to be exhibiting at the Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference between 7-9th July. This will be our first physical exhibition participation in over a year! Be sure to visit us and see our cold plasma medical device live in action, perfect for the treatment of chronic DFUs infected with biofilm.

Adtec SteriPlas for the treatment of deep sternal wound infections and infected drivelines

The Adtec SteriPlas has already been well documented for the treatment of deep sternal wound infections and infected drivelines. Separate studies from two leading hospitals in Germany (University Hospital Munster and University Hospital Heidelberg) have recorded the strong efficacy of our cold plasma treatment on these problematic conditions. Due to the original difficulty of managing these chronic infections using standard therapies along with the high rate of morbidity and mortality, it is no wonder why the Adtec SteriPlas has been chosen as the preferred treatment method.


You can read more about its story in the latest addition of the Chirurgische Allgemeine magazine: eSD_AdTecPlasma