1. Plasma Treatment Head

Our patented plasma torch where the cold plasma is released towards the treatment site. This features a unique countdown display for remote control of the system from the patient bedside.

2. Adtec Sensor Module

A single use consumable designed for use between patients. Separating the treatment area from the plasma chamber by 2.5cm allows the creation of reactive species as Cold Plasma is propelled towards the treatment area.

3. Ergonomic handrail

Allows positioning for convenient patient access.

4. Balanced Treatment Arm

Designed for effortless adjustment of the SteriPlas treatment head. Long reach arm extends up to 163cm with ease and smoothness, ensuring position remains fixed over patient treatment area.

5. SteriPlas Control Screen

for treatment regime and configuration.

6. Adtec SteriPlas Console

Manoeuvrable medical device with lockable easy glide wheels, designed for transports between treatment rooms.

What is it for?

In the healthcare industry, there is already an enormous catalogue of topical creams and medical devices used to treat wounds, surgical site infections and dermatological conditions. Some of these therapies are often met with side effects.

With proven anti-bacterial efficacy, the Adtec SteriPlas is used to treat these complex and chronic conditions by accelerating healing whilst giving no side effects to the patient being treated. The Adtec SteriPlas has been shown to restore hope by managing the infection, improving the patient Quality of Life, removing the need to antibiotics and preventing amputations from occurring.
This includes problematic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers which are considered one of the worst wound types due to the infection with biofilm presence within the wound.

In the field of dermatology, actinic keratoses is a challenging skin condition whereby conventional therapies may often bear undesirable side effects. The Adtec SteriPlas has been proven to accelerate healing of these complicated skin conditions whilst giving no side effects.

How does it work?

Argon gas plasma which includes argon ions, radicals , excited species, electric fields , heat , UV radicals and neutral molecules are propelled out of the plasma chamber with the gas flow by repeated collisions and delivered to the treatment area. As cold plasma is created in the chamber of our the Adtec SteriPlas and are released towards the patient body, the cold plasma also reacts with air during travel to the treatment site and as a result reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are created as by-products. These are all important bactericidal components.

The Adtec SteriPlas delivers a unique physical mode of action during patient treatment. The components of plasma work collectively to destroy the cellular structure of bacteria and microbial DNA. The argon reactive species , heat , UV and ions which have higher energy than argon molecules bombard the bacteria cell wall creating micropores rupturing the cell wall. The cell wall is ruptured by a physical bombardment of the constituent agents, electrical and local heating effects creating micropores. This effectively destroys the bacteria present, even if they are protected within biofilm.

Because of the physical bombardment on the bacteria, a primary or secondary resistance to our cold plasma is unlikely to be developed which we have documented in our wide collection of clinical evidence.

Antibacterial effectiveness

  • 73.5% reduction in bacterial load despite the type of bacteria or its resistance to antibiotics
  • 50% more effective than antibiotics
  • Up to 100% reduction in wound size
  • Up to 100% reduction in wound depth
  • Up to 100% reduction in perceived level of pain
  • Proven to kill a wide range of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria
  • No side effects reported
  • Quick and simple 2 minute treatment time
  • Large 12cm2 plasma treatment area covering a wider infection area.
  • Postulated as an alternative to antibiotics
  • Reduces the risk of foot and leg amputation