Effective at deep and difficult to treat infection areas


The Premium Cold Plasma from our SteriPlas can kill all bacterial species, regardless of the resistance profile or if they are protected within biofilm. Due to the dense and rich Cold Plasma created, this includes treating difficult to reach areas such as LVAD drivelines, catheters and stoma infections.

Propelled by the gas flow, the Cold Plasma will travel down the gaps around the crevices of the infected driveline until it reaches the site of biofilm which is typically deep underneath the skin fold.

The enhanced physical mode of action of the SteriPlas is delivered quickly and effectively, eradicating bacteria which would otherwise have been resistant to conventional therapies such as antibiotics. These benefits are widely documented including the safety of having no side effects associated to our reliable and consistent Cold Plasma.


The adoption of the SteriPlas has been significantly increasing across the globe for LVAD infection treatments with promising results. To learn more about the SteriPlas, send us an email at info@adtecplasma.com.