Adtec receive funding to conduct a clinical biofilm project in UK Hospital

Adtec Healthcare is delighted to announce that we will start a project to measure the ‘Efficacy of non-thermal gas plasma (NTGP) on sub-clinical wound infection (biofilm) in patients with diabetic foot ulcers’ in August 2016. The project will be a collaboration between Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, leading UK wound care experts, University Hospital Jena Germany and Adtec. The project is co-funded by the UK’s Innovation agency, Innovate UK and Adtec.

Mary McGovern, Managing Director of Adtec said ‘We will work with leading experts to carry out a clinical evaluation of the efficacy of plasma on biofilms and qualify test methods to quantitatively measure the effect.  We are very excited to be working with a great group of people all sharing a passion for research and in making improvements in the treatment of wound infections’. 


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – The podiatrists leading the project are Dr Paul Chadwick and Mrs Samantha Haycocks. Dr Paul Chadwick is a Consultant Podiatrist with over 25 years’ experience of podiatric care and Mrs Samantha Haycocks is an Advanced Research Podiatrist also with over 25 years’ experience in the same field.   The objective is to recruit and treat diabetic foot ulcer patients with NTGP at Salford and take samples for analysis.  The samples will then be sent to Jena for analysis.

Lt Col Professor Steven Jeffery – Professor at Birmingham City University and consultant surgeon at Queen Elizabeth hospital.  He specializes in the assessment and treatment of scarring, traumatic wounds and burns. Professor Jeffery is the chief scientific advisor for the project.

Mr Keith Cutting  (Clinical research Consultant) – Mr Cutting is an expert in wound care with over 130 peer reviewed publications  and his paper Criteria for wound Infection remains the most widely cited paper on clinical criteria of wound infection . Mr Cutting will be the clinical supervisor of the project providing guidance on the protocol and clinical project management.

Dr. Cornelia Wiegand, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Jena, Germany. Dr Wiegand is a research scientist of wound care with particular interest in infection management and biofilms. Dr Wiegand will supervise the microbiology, biochemistry and histology analysis to measure the efficacy of plasma on biofilms.  

We are very grateful to be awarded funding from Innovate UK. We are confident that the project results will be of benefit in guidance for treatment of biofilms and in providing a better quality of life for patients.