Adtec SteriPlas plasma technology adopted by German hospital in treatment of Surgical Site Infections.

Adtec Healthcare is pleased to report on the successful qualification of Adtec SteriPlas gas plasma technology by a hospital in Germany. Following a successful evaluation on the use of Adtec gas plasma in the treatment of surgical site infections, a University Hospital has approved the purchase of an Adtec SteriPlas unit.

Adtec SteriPlas gas plasma is a topical antimicrobial that has been proven to reduce the microbial load on chronic wounds and surgical site infections with no side effects or adverse events reported.

Gas Plasma has the advantage that as a gas, it migrates to hard to treat areas that are difficult to manage with standard antimicrobial treatment such as antibiotics, antimicrobial dressings and antiseptics. The mode of action of gas plasma is physical and the bacteria are therefore unlikely to develop resistance. Gas Plasma also has proven clinical efficacy in deactivating antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA etc.

Adtec plasma technology has also been successfully used to treat difficult to reach infections on the driveline entry of Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD)  in cardiac patients and these results have been presented at EWMA May 2016 and WUWHS September 2016.

We look forward to collaborating with medical professionals in the qualification of Adtec SteriPlas as an approved treatment method for all types of surgical site infections.