Successful treatment of surgical site infections with Adtec SteriPlas

We are delighted to report that Adtec SteriPlas plasma technology has been successfully used to treat surgical site infections.

The results were presented by Dr Rotering, ‘New options for infection control in wound management’, at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference, Bremen May 2016.   Dr Heinrich Rotering carried out the tests at the Universitätsklinik Münster, Germany and they plan to carry out more research on the use of plasma on surgical site infections. Some of the results have been added to a new case study on our website.

The possible advantages of using plasma to treat surgical site infections are

  • Increased penetration depth due to gaseous condition
  • Effectiveness independent to resistance profile
  • Possible treatment option to defeat biofilm
  • Good compatibility
  • Until now no contraindications are known

We plan to collaborate with research partners to produce more data on SSI management demonstrating that plasma could be considered as a viable alternative to antibiotics.