Why Bigger is Better?

The SteriPlas has been widely documented in clinical trials and publications for its strong antibacterial efficacy and accelerated healing properties. Being the first medical device worldwide to show just how effective Cold Plasma can be from clinical trials on wounds, it is still the only medical device covering a larger 12cm2 treatment area using microwave-energy, safe, reputable, and consistent Cold Plasma. It is also the only medical device that can treat wounds within this size for only 2 minutes to achieve antibiofilm efficacy with no reported side effects.

So how does it compare to a Cold Plasma Pen?

As useful as Plasma pens can be for very small and superficial wounds without biofilm, 2 minutes is required for the treatment area equivalent to a few mms.
This means to treat a large and deep wound that the SteriPlas can do in 2 minutes (hands-free), then Plasma Pens would require in excess of 30 minutes with handheld use to reduce the bacterial load present in the same wound area . The SteriPlas is the only medical device with antibiofilm efficacy due to its dense and deep penetration capabilities making it the leader in Cold Plasma medicine.