Innovation Award for SteriPlas Plasma Technology.

Adtec Healthcare congratulates Dr Rotering on his receipt of  the runner up Innovation award at the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) conference in Vienna on October 7th 2017..

Dr Rotering a Cardiac Surgeon at a University Hospital in Germany has pioneered the combination of Adtec SteriPlas technology and Negative Pressure Wound Management technology for the infection management of surgical site infections.  Dr Rotering and his colleagues have used Adtec gas plasma technology to successfully treat LVAD, Sternum and other surgical site infections. Dr Rotering will also present his most recent results at the EACTS conference on Monday 9th October.

Adtec SteriPlas cold plasma technology has proven efficacy in treatment of a wide range of infections. With a physical mode of action, gas plasma is unlikely to induce microbial resistance and can therefore be considered a viable alternative to antibiotics. Plasma (ionized gas) is a painless 2 minute topical antimicrobial treatment with no side effects or adverse events reported over 10 years of use.