Adtec introduces the plasma product portfolio designed and manufactured in the UK by Adtec Europe Limited

Photo Courtesy of TWI 

Plasma processing is a material processing technology that is utilized to modify the chemical and physical properties of a surface. Plasma processing is most often in vacuum plasma chambers widely used in the semiconductor and display industries to meet the critical engineering requirements of high-tech industries.

At Adtec, we specialize in microwave driven atmospheric pressure gas plasma technology. Plasma, as an energized gas has a myriad of potential applications including preparing a surface to enhance precision engineering, cleaning and antimicrobial applications. Adtec’s plasma technology was first developed in the innovation department of our parent company Adtec Plasma Technology in Japan. With plasma expertise and engineering know-how developed in collaboration with our parent company, Adtec Europe can now offer customized solutions to our customers.

Gas Plasma applications include:

Antimicrobial – we have developed a gas plasma medical device (SteriPlas) in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Germany. SteriPlas is adopted as a topical antimicrobial in management of wound and surgical site infections in European hospitals. Gas Plasma has strong antimicrobial efficacy including MRSA and with a physical mode of action is unlikely to induce resistance. This alternative technology can help to combat antibiotic resistance. Gas plasma technology can also be used to deactivate microorganisms on surfaces and hard to clean areas in factories and laboratories.

Surface Treatment – Plasma processing may help to modify the surface of materials to enhance processing. Examples of potential applications include pre-treatment to enhance bonding, removal of contaminants from surfaces and modifying a surface to become hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

Our current product portfolio is available on our website and we can offer expertise and know-how to develop plasma processing for a range of applications.