Adtec Europe Ltd introduces new Actinic Keratoses Clinical Trial Results at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology Annual Meeting in Paris.

P0736 – Efficacy of cold atmospheric plasma versus diclofenac 3% gel in patients with actinic keratoses/field cancerization: preliminary results of a prospective, randomized, rater-blinded study (ACTICAP).

Actinic Keratoses (AK) represent the most common skin malignancy worldwide and are considered the earliest stage of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Importantly, up to 20% of AK transform into invasive SCC within 10-25 years.

Conventional treatments for AK and field cancerization bear significant side effects and/or are restricted to small skin areas. Thus, there is a continuing need for effective as well as non-toxic lesion and field-directed therapies for AK.

Results to be presented include data from 34 study subjects. After the final treatment, the total number of AK within the CAP-treated areas was reduced on average by 45% versus 22% within the diclofenac-treated areas. Similarly, the surface area affected by AK decreased by 47% (CAP) as compared to 32%(diclofenac). There were no CAP related adverse effects.

The conclusions are that CAP is a safe as well as effective tool for the treatment of AK and field cancerization. It might be especially beneficial for patients in whom non-toxic treatment options are preferable, such as immunosuppressed individuals. The skin rejuvenating effects of CAP observed in the trial deserve further exploration.

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