The Adtec SteriPlas is a topical antibacterial, cold plasma medical device with proven antibacterial efficacy, proven accelerated healing and a greater advantage over antibiotics for the treatment of wounds, surgical site infections and dermatological conditions. It has been thoroughly tested in an array of clinical trials and publications to demonstrate its clinical efficacy with no side effects reported.

The Adtec SteriPlas is a broad spectrum antibacterial (including multi-resistant bacteria) with a unique physical mode of action delivered during treatment. Our studies have shown that antimicrobial resistance is unlikely to be developed.

Our Clinical Trials


The Adtec SteriPlas has clinical efficacy for the treatment of all wound types. Chronic and complex wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers are often stalled by biofilm. Due to angiopathy and neuropathy conditions, poor arterial flow may mean that antibiotic delivery can play very little to no effect to the healing of these wounds. Sadly, the conditions of these wounds can deteriorate leading to the need of an amputation. The cost burden of managing these wounds can also be expensive if using standard treatments alone:

  • £7,800 cost per patient for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer using standard treatment methods over 12 months.
  • £16,900 cost per amputation for diabetic foot ulcer patient over 12 months.

The Adtec SteriPlas has already been postulated as an alternative to antibiotics. Due to its unique physical mode of action delivered during treatment, bacteria can be easily destroyed without developing resistance to our patented cold plasma. This gives it the treatment advantage over conventional therapies. Treating diabetic foot ulcers with the Adtec SteriPlas has shown to accelerate healing as well as be favoured by patients for being contact-free and painless. It has also shown to prevent the need for amputations and save lives. Treatment with the Adtec SteriPlas is well tolerated and no side effects have been reported.

29 days of treatment (9 cold plasma treatments)

Surgical site infections

Infected drivelines may show recalcitrance to treatment with antibiotics and antimicrobial dressings. Antimicrobial dressings are unable to wrap the around infected driveline towards the source of biofilm.

Using the Adtec SteriPlas for the treatment of surgical site infections has shown remarkable results in accelerated healing. The gas plasma produced can penetrate through the gaps in crevices around the infected driveline reaching towards the source of biofilm where the bacteria is then destroyed using a physical mode of action.

Deep sternum infections are also very complex cardiac wound infections as a result of heart surgery. The mortality rate of patients with sternum infections are relatively high. The Adtec SteriPlas has been documented as a tissue and life saving approach to treating these complex wounds, eliminating the need for omentum majus or muscle flap plastic surgery. Treatment with the Adtec SteriPlas has shown to accelerate healing in problematic and stalled deep sternum infections or infected drivelines that are infected with biofilm. The treatment is also well tolerated with no side effects being reported.


The Adtec SteriPlas can be used to treat a wide range of dermatological conditions including acne and actinic keratoses. It has been shown to deliver promising results leading to full healing. Although various therapies options do exist, they often bear undesirable side effects. The Adtec SteriPlas has been shown to have no side effects which offers patients a preferable and safer option to be treated.

Conventional treatments for actinic keratoses and field cancerization may be restricted to small skin areas. Creams and some existing medical devices are limited to treatment areas which cannot be repeated within a set period. The flawless design of the Adtec SteriPlas incorporates a generous 12cm² treatment area allowing significantly more patches of skin lesions to be covered during treatment with no limitations on how many areas can be treated. The treatment is also quick and simple at 2 minutes per session.

Alternative therapies may involve patients having a longer wait period between sessions, whereas the Adtec SteriPlas allows repetitive treatments to be applied with no side effects. Adtec Healthcare recommends at least one application per week using the Adtec SteriPlas.

We are also proud to announce that we are the first company worldwide to conduct and publish a randomized controlled trial for cold plasma treatment on Actinic Keratoses lesions. The clinical trial tested the healing efficacy of the Adtec SteriPlas vs. Diclofenac 3% gel. Not surprisingly, side effects were often observed with Diclofenac, whereas there were none with the Adtec SteriPlas. The Adtec SteriPlas showed significantly better effectiveness over diclofenac in reducing the actinic keratoses lesion count.

This data demonstrates that the Adtec SteriPlas represents an effective tool for the management of actinic keratoses or field cancerization and that it may be especially well suited for patients who require non-toxic treatment options, particularly immunocompromised patients, and those with extensive field cancerization.

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